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At SSR (Sustainable Swine Resources), we’re proud to have a balanced outlook, combining advanced scientific knowledge with an old school work ethic. As one of our pillars of success, customer service motivates everything we do. Pete Whyte, Sales Manager at SSR, shares ideas on the growth and impact of our excellent customer service.


Unique from Start to Finish

As a division of Johnsonville, we have a strong and loyal sow supply network with a focus on animal welfare. Our customizable approach to business development sets us apart from our competition. We produce high-quality porcine products by combining slower line speeds with our highly skilled team members. This pride in our products is readily seen with our customers—we want them to experience the very best.


Passionate About Products

Porcine materials help save lives, feed the world, and advances knowledge. We’re always looking for new and unique ways to use porcine materials, and we want to share those benefits and innovations with current and future customers. Our dedication to providing customers with responsibly sourced products drives us to ensure animals are treated humanely and minimize waste. Every sow we process is utilized 100%.


Growing with Customers

When it comes to our valued customers, we take pride in exceeding expectations. Our customers have very exact product needs and specifications. Collaboration and communication is key to aligning customer needs with our capabilities to provide the right products and services. Our processing facilities are equipped to produce customized products to meet customer demand and expectations.

However, being a supplier of porcine materials isn’t enough. We provide resources and problem-solving capabilities that ensure the success of our customers. Our extensive knowledge and expertise help customers develop new products. We become our customers’ most important supplier by being innovative and bringing them ideas they can use in their own business. By becoming an active participant in our customers’ business, we have been able to develop very longstanding and loyal relationships.


What do potential customers need to know about partnering with SSR?

You won’t find a more passionate, knowledgeable, and professional group to work with! Our products help save lives and feed the world and we love that aspect of our jobs. We listen and we work hard to provide the porcine solutions our customers need, and we have fun doing it! The SSR team is always improving customer service for greater customer satisfaction.

Let's Collaborate

With SSR and Johnsonville LLC, we offer flexible partnership options. Let's explore how we can work together to achieve your goals.

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