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At SSR, every partnership begins with understanding our customer’s needs. We utilize our deep expertise in working with porcine materials to develop a custom solution for each individual use case. The possibilities are endless.

Medical Devices

Porcine-derived medical devices are used in applications throughout the human body, often to accelerate healing following surgery or trauma.

Research + Development

From human disease research to life-saving medical devices to several other innovations, porcine tissue is critical for R&D within universities and life science companies.


Derived from substances such as pig blood, protein, and microorganisms, porcine molecules can be utilized to prevent, diagnose, and treat human diseases.

Companion Animal

Porcine materials such as organ meats, ears, snouts, and bones are often used in pet foods and treats to offer nutrition and diet enrichment.

Edible Meats and Offal

While muscle meat is high in protein, organ meats offer the highest concentration of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in natural food, making it an important food source in many countries.


Porcine glands and organs play a critical role in many pharmaceutical products, including heparin, an anticoagulant used in hospitals worldwide.

Education + Training

Be it pig skin, eyeballs, or reproductive organs, porcine tissue has many similarities to human tissue, making it an excellent teaching tool for students and professionals.

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We are committed to your success. Through our parent company, Johnsonville LLC, SSR has the resources and flexibility to engage with clients at any level, from supply agreements to joint ventures.

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SSR Overview

For over 30 years, SSR Lifesciences has provided biomedical researchers, companies and manufacturers a complete range of high-quality porcine materials sourced, prepared and delivered precisely to client's specifications.

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