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The journey of a porcine tissue sample from farm to laboratory tells the story of sustainability, ethical practice, and scientific contribution. Sustainable Swine Resources (SSR) stands at the forefront of this story, demonstrating how ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship can go together with advancing medical science.

A Porcine Tissue Sample’s Journey

  • Ethical Farming Practices

The story begins in PQA+ certified farms where the welfare of pigs is prioritized. These farmers, following PQA+ guidance to measure, track and continuously improve animal well-being, laying the foundation for high-quality biological materials.

We ensure our customers are informed and take pride in knowing that the porcine materials we provide are the highest quality by exclusively partnering with PQA+ certified farmers.

  • The Harvesting Process

Harvesting porcine tissues is performed with precision and respect, adhering to strict ethical and quality standards. Our methods reflect a commitment to humane treatment and minimization of waste, ensuring that each part of the animal is used responsibly and effectively.

  • Quality and Safety Checks

Before these tissues reach the hands of researchers, they undergo rigorous safety and quality assessments. Our processes ensure that all samples are free from contaminants and preserved with the most advanced techniques, maintaining their integrity and usefulness for research and commercial purposes.

  • Contribution to Science and Medicine

Porcine tissues are invaluable to medical research, contributing to developments in organ transplantation, pharmaceutical testing, and more. By providing high-quality samples, we help facilitate significant scientific advancements that can lead to new treatments and cures.

  • Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Throughout this journey, sustainability remains a cornerstone of our philosophy. By employing eco-friendly practices and ensuring the ethical treatment of animals by partnering with PQA+ Certified farmers, we demonstrate how industry and environmental health can flourish together.

SSR’s Commitment to Quality

The journey from farm to laboratory reflects our commitment to integrity, quality, and sustainability. As these porcine tissues move through this path, they carry with them the potential to revolutionize healthcare and improve lives, all while adhering to principles that respect the earth and its inhabitants.

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