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How We Partner

Better partners. Better products.

At SSR, our number one goal as your porcine tissue supplier is to ensure your success. Whether you’re looking for on-demand supply, a joint venture, or anything in between, we have the resources and flexibility to assist at any level.

Porcine Supply

Porcine Partnership

Academic Research

Joint Ventures

Porcine Supply

Sourced. Sized. Delivered

If you’re looking for fast, reliable delivery of high-quality pork tissues and organs, look no further. SSR provides top-notch porcine materials and products sourced, sized, and trimmed to your specifications. As part of Johnsonville—one of the nation’s largest pork product suppliers—we can leverage economies of scale and organizational expertise to create dependable, cost-effective solutions for any commercial or research need.

Porcine Partnership

Take hold of your supply chain.

There’s nothing more frustrating than supply chain failures. If you’re ready to take your business into your hands, SSR can help streamline the process.

We see ourselves as an extension of your business. We’ll save you time and money by preparing materials to your exacting specifications in our controlled facilities. We draw on our resources and expertise from across the Johnsonville organization to provide consistent, on-time delivery. The result? Optimized efficiency and accelerated business growth.

We start by thoroughly understanding your application, specifications, and standard operating procedure (SOP). We then work with you to create a protocol for harvesting, processing, preservation, and shipping that precisely aligns with your business needs and goals. Our personnel is trained in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and are skilled at implementing precise preparation steps to the most rigorous standards.

Academic Research

Making research a reality.

Because academic and product-development researchers have highly-specific needs, we provide highly-specific porcine solutions. 

No single type of source animal is ideal for all research applications. We work closely with researchers to identify and source animals to optimize their unique applications. Depending on the need, we can supply materials sourced from a wide variety of animals in general population, select, or closed herd programs. We can also engage directly with producers to establish vertical integration and full traceability. 

Procurement specialists at our harvest sites work in controlled rooms to extract, trim, and assemble materials precisely to your specifications. We can process materials to meet distinctive SOP requirements, including bioburden reduction, material debridement, dissection, arterial/vein preservation related to organs, and viral inactivation. 

At SSR, we are dedicated to advancing research. We welcome the chance to participate in advisory boards, planning sessions, and roundtables to explore new possibilities for leveraging porcine materials for next-generation research and product development.

Joint Ventures

Where potential meets possibility.

Throughout our seventy-year history as a pork industry leader, we’ve learned that the products from these animals are uniquely adaptable to a nearly limitless range of applications. With support from Johnsonville, SSR is actively seeking new business opportunities and long-term partnerships focused on the innovative use of porcine tissues and products. We’re eager to explore new ventures in any business segment, including industrial, consumer, medical, pharmaceutical, or animal health and nutrition. 

As a privately held company with an entrepreneurial culture, we have the resources and flexibility to invest in promising business models. We offer our partners in-depth expertise in animal sourcing, quality control, logistics, and conformance to industry and regulatory standards. We have the organizational and marketing strength to bring finished products to market. With SSR by your side, we can help you do the same.

The proof is in the partnership.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let’s connect and see how we can meet your custom porcine needs.

Sustainable Swine Resources

A proud member of the Johnsonville family

SSR Overview

For over 30 years, SSR Lifesciences has provided biomedical researchers, companies and manufacturers a complete range of high-quality porcine materials sourced, prepared and delivered precisely to client's specifications.

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