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The leader in sustainable porcine tissue.

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At Sustainable Swine Resources (SSR), we aim to deliver high-value solutions that positively contribute to the health and well-being of humans, animals, and the environment. We offer biomedical researchers, companies, and manufacturers a complete range of top-quality porcine materials and tissues sourced, prepared, and delivered to their precise specifications.

What We Support

SSR is the reliable tissue supplier partner for high-quality porcine tissues. Our porcine materials are sourced and prepared for commercial or research applications across a variety of sectors and industries.

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What We Think


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Porcine materials can become helpful ingredients in a wide range of market uses. From food offerings, medical devices, industrial components and much more. harvesting porcine tissues…

Standards That Save Lives: SSR on Quality

Because porcine tissues and other materials derived from pigs can be used in so many sustainable ways to reduce waste, it’s important that high quality standards…

Porcine Materials and the Pet Industry

Porcine tissues and other pig co-products have various applications in the creation of industrial, commercial and medical products. Another area where pig

How We Partner

We are committed to your success. Through our parent company, Johnsonville LLC, SSR has the resources and flexibility to engage with clients at any level, from on demand tissue supply to supply agreements to joint ventures.

Sustainable Swine Resources

A proud member of the Johnsonville family

SSR Overview

For over 30 years, SSR Lifesciences has provided biomedical researchers, companies and manufacturers a complete range of high-quality porcine materials sourced, prepared and delivered precisely to client's specifications.

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