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SSR is the premier supplier of high quality porcine materials for a variety of industries, ranging from medical and pharmaceutical to pet food. We specialize in supplying customized tissue to meet our customer’s specifications. At SSR, we pride ourselves in the superior quality of our products and the amount of care we give our customers. Our success comes from our team members, who continually strive to do the best work possible. We’re excited to put a spotlight on Alisa Satian.

Team Member Success at SSR

 Climbing to the Top

Alisa is a great example of a member who goes above and beyond to deliver customer satisfaction every time. A Watertown, WI native, Alisa has worked at our Watertown facility since July 2016, and has worked her way up to a Team Lead position. She now coaches a team of 16 who work together to harvest a variety of specialized porcine tissues and organs for various industries. Being a team lead has helped her grow her problem-solving and interpersonal skills.


 Helping Others Be Their Best

Alisa ensures that only the highest quality materials are harvested. She prides herself on excellent record keeping, strong training programs, and making sure her team is engaged. She keeps her team and herself engaged by making sure her team understands the impact that their work has. “It’s a rush to know that the material that you are collecting could ultimately save someone’s life.”


 More Than Just Service

Alisa also puts a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction. Due to the very customized nature of some of the tissue her team harvests, they depend on feedback to make sure they are meeting customer requirements. “Customer feedback is extremely important so that we can make adjustments if necessary. We have to please our customers first and foremost.” She is always looking to improve customer satisfaction. 


 A Perfectly Run Team

When asked what she would like people to know about what she and her team does, she said “We take a lot of pride in what we do. We offer the highest quality products to customers, with orders completed on time. Once we get an order, we work to fulfill it right away.”


Thanks for all you do, Alisa!

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