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As science and technology continue to move towards greater innovations and upgrades, the industries that support them must keep up with the changing needs and demands to help companies create the products and medicines that continue to improve lives. In accordance with our mission to create solutions that add value for our customers, contribute to the health and well-being of humans and animals, and improve environmental sustainability, we’re excited to announce our new Customization Center in our Watertown, WI facility!

This facility, which was completed at the end of 2020, is dedicated for further processing tissues for the medical and life science industries. This addition enhances our processing and preparation capabilities to continue providing exceptional service and quality products to our customers in an ever-evolving field. Many products going to medical device manufacturing or research require additional steps after being removed from the harvest line to prepare them for our customers.

Our Customization Center allows us to expand our capabilities to offer unique products to meet our customers’ exact specifications. The additions made in our Customization Center help improve overall production workflow with improved processing techniques. We wanted to improve the sustainable development of the porcine materials and keep a strong a positive impact, and this facility give the ability to do so.


Customization Center Additions

  • new flooring
  • electrical drops and water systems
  • additional freezing capabilities
  • multiple workstations
  • packaging station


Optimized Tasks

  • separating tissue
  • cleaning membranes
  • extracting materials
  • preparing treatment solutions
  • packaging
  • product cold storage


SSR focuses on lasting partnerships with our customers to address their needs and strives to be the global leader in supplying reliable porcine materials and co-products. Our customer-focused approach to new product development ensures that we deliver consistent, high-quality, and customized products.

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