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At Sustainable Swine Resources (SSR), our commitment to providing high-quality porcine materials extends to exploring the incredible potential of every part of the sow. This includes using pericardia, the sac around the heart, for its diverse applications in science, medicine, and veterinary care.

What is Pericardia?

The pericardium is a balloon-like sac surrounding the heart, filled with fluid to provide protection and act as a lubricant, reducing friction between the heart and surrounding structures. Beyond its role in safeguarding the heart, pericardia possess unique characteristics that make it a valuable resource for many different applications.

Importance of Pericardia

Pericardia is a remarkable material with critical attributes that make it valuable for various applications:

  • Biocompatibility

Its easy transplantability into the human body without adverse effects makes it a preferred choice for medical procedures.

  • Strength

Serving as a long-term fix in transplant surgeries, pericardia can withstand the elements within the human body, including temperature, pressure, and pH changes.

  • Availability

Easily extracted from the sow with a low percentage chance of pre-harvest damage, making it a reliable and abundant resource.

Uses of Pericardia in Science

Pericardia’s versatility is extremely important for applications in scientific research:

  • Heart Valve Replacement: Crucial in heart valve replacement surgeries, pericardia is utilized in Aortic, Mitral, and Double valve replacements, showcasing its adaptability.
  • General Tissue Repair: Suitable for plastic surgery, wound closure when sutures are insufficient, and hernia repair due to its flexibility and durability.
  • Tendon and Ligament Repair: Formed into a patch and attached to damaged tissue to promote healing, similar to its role in wound closure.
  • Biomedical Research: Used in tissue regeneration, wound healing, and studying biological processes, contributing to creating in vitro models of human tissue for disease mechanism studies and testing new treatments.
  • Veterinary Medicine: Applied in veterinary medicine to repair tissue damage in animals, reflecting its versatility across species.

Why Choose SSR as Your Supplier?

In choosing SSR, you’re not just gaining access to premium porcine materials; you’re selecting a partner dedicated to unlocking the full potential of pericardia. Here’s why we stand out:

  • High-Quality Harvest Techniques

SSR employs careful organ extraction techniques from sows, ensuring superior size and thickness compared to butcher sacs derived from younger, smaller butcher pigs, enhancing the utility of pericardia for various applications.

  • Dedicated Harvest Facilities

Each of our harvest facilities has a designated, fully trained member to obtain and prepare pericardia for shipment. This specialization ensures the highest quality standards.

  • Careful Shipping

Prioritizing the safety and cleanliness of our products, especially pericardia, with a focus on high biocompatibility. Our rigorous shipping processes guarantee the integrity of this valuable resource.

In partnering with SSR, you’re aligning with a commitment to excellence in sustainable swine resources, driving advancements in medicine, science, and veterinary care through the versatile potential of pericardia.

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